soul good box
soul good box
soul good box
soul good box

soul good box

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With your choice of positive-energy inducing citrine, or stress relieving amethyst, these beautiful semi-precious bracelets have a special capsule to capture your intentions. Hand strung on a self adjusting cord, these bracelets will help keep your mind focused to where you want to be. The lovely gift box includes a canvas bag and strips of paper to write down your intention or wish

Citrine: increases confidence, positive energy, creativity, intuition, and manifests abundance

Amethyst: relieves stress and anxiety, balances mood, and attracts positive energy 

Aventurine: promotes healing of the physical body, increases wealth and prosperity

Heart warming and grounding, palo santo has been traced back to the Inca era, and is known for reducing negative energy and to restore tranquility and calm.  Our sticks are sustainably sourced and ethically crafted.  Each bundle comes with 2 sticks and lovingly hand wrapped with dried flowers.  Use as a decorative item or burn one stick (do not burn with flowers or twine) for 30 seconds by lighting one end and then blowing out. Place on a heat proof dish. Let the palo santo essential oils diffuse into the air as you enjoy the positive energy and beautiful fragrance

Handmade with love and mindfulness

Crafted in the USA with the highest quality natural ingredients, this luxurious hand cream will leave your hands moisturized and nourished. Enriched with shea butter, vitamin E, rose water and essential oils, this revitalizing cream will be your new go-to morning and night.

Fragranced with uplifting and calming bergamot citrus oil


An exceptional blend of Himalayan pink sea salts and natural Dead Sea salts that will transport your bath, releasing muscles and stress. These salts are prized for their high mineral content which help reduce anxiety and inflammation while assisting in re-hydration of the skin. Toss a handful under running water and relax and nourish your body and soul

Fragranced with uplifting and calming bergamot citrus oil



Simple and clean, this pure white ceramic tray has a gentle reminder to Dream, Manifest, and Enjoy life! It’s the perfect little smudge tray for your palo santo bundle, or use it as a bedside trinket tray to hold your jewelry, glasses, or nighttime rituals

7” x 3.5” For decorative use only. Not microwave or dishwasher safe

Perfectly sized to tuck into your bag or leave by your bedside, this handmade journal is a sweet reminder to write your dreams, manifestations, or meditations. With 60 lined pages and embellished with a dandelion stamp, you will love this sweet little journal 4” x 5.5” Hand crafted with a stitched seam

Each box will include one gemstone manifestation bracelet and added inspirational accompaniments valued at $118